The Midnight Library

A Novel

Paperback, 304 pages

English language

Published July 9, 2020 by Penguin Publishing Group.

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3 stars (3 reviews)

"Between life and death there is a library, and within that library, the shelves go on forever. Every book provides a chance to try another life you could have lived. To see how things would be if you had made other choices . . . Would you have done anything different, if you had the chance to undo your regrets?" A dazzling novel about all the choices that go into a life well lived, from the internationally bestselling author of Reasons to Stay Alive and How To Stop Time. Somewhere out beyond the edge of the universe there is a library that contains an infinite number of books, each one the story of another reality. One tells the story of your life as it is, along with another book for the other life you could have lived if you had made a different choice at any point in your life. …

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Review of 'The Midnight Library' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Nora wants to die, her life is nothing but a bunch of regrets and she has no reason that stay. However, instead of death she finds a library where it's always midnight. Every book has a variation of her life, and in one of them she has no regrets.. it's her perfect life. Does such thing exist?

I am conflicted about this book. I read it because someone gave it a very poor review and I wanted to read it and prove them wrong. I liked Nora almost all the time, however I think her alternative lives could have been developed further. And at least the end didn't feel finished, it felt rushed. The quantum discussions are also slightly weird. It's a clever idea for a book, and I'm glad it helped many people but I wanted this developed differently. I listened to the audio read by the wonderful Carey …