The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Hardcover, 306 pages

English language

Published Sept. 30, 2004 by Faber & Faber Ltd.

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4 stars (4 reviews)

Interweaves story and dream, past and present, and philosophy and poetry in a sardonic and erotic tale of two couples--Tomas and Teresa, and Sabina and her Swiss lover, Gerhart.

28 editions

No importa tanto lo que hagas, nunca sabrás si acertaste o te equivocaste

3 stars

Es un libro filosófico. En el que se habla de relativizar la vida quitándole peso ya, que las experiencias solo ocurren una vez y no hay forma de saber si las decisiones que tomamos son correctas.

Por tanto, ¿por qué sufrir? ¿por qué devanarse los sesos por esa decisión tan importante? Seguramente haya mucha información que pases por alto y no puedes prever el futuro.

Todo esto envuelto en una historia de relaciones amorosas y otra no tan amorosas.

An unusual novel

5 stars

I didn't know much about this one, didn't read any information on it, I don't even know who suggested it to me but I was positively surprised!

I like how chaotic the story is, it makes it feel more real, just like you'd remember some details about a story. The author also goes very meta at points, breaking the fourth wall and even describes some points about philosophy and history, as this story is set in the time of the Velvet Revolution. It's one of those books, that I want to read again just as I finish it.

The weird thing about it is, that I wouldn't know how to recommend this book to anyone. It's not that it's too hard to understand or too weird. It's somehow weird and "normal" at the same time. The protagonists and their stories are bizarre but seem so ordinary. Revolutions and big things …

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3 stars
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5 stars