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Yanis Varoufakis: Another Now No rating

"To achieve true greatness, genuine freedom, you must be like the sculptor who sets aside her ego before chiseling a statue..."

"When we reconfigure society to put exchange at the center, we violate our nature. Humans thrived by hunting together, cooking communally, making music and telling stories around a blazing fire at night."

commented on Another Now by Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis: Another Now No rating

"Time and again over the course of the twentieth century the Technostructure grew beyond our control, overwhelming any notion of market discipline or public virtue. Like a virus, it has repeatedly sickened its host."

"The moment we allow someone who doesn't work in the cafe to buy into it, it's finished. It'll close or end up as another miserable Starbucks, an appendage of the Technostructure."

David Foster Wallace: Consider the Lobster and Other Essays (2005) No rating

Consider the Lobster and Other Essays (2005) is a collection of essays by novelist David …

"It's painful to believe that the would be 'public servants' you're forced to choose between are all phonies whose only real concern is their own care and feelings (...) who wouldn't fall all over themselves for a top politician who actually seemed to talk to you like you were a person, an intelligent adult worth of respect?" -- David Foster Wallace (2000) About a far far away presidential election...